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Run mapgen.exe. Mouse wheel to zoom, click and hold (either button) to drag. To regenerate click on the text in the top left of the map.

Like all jam things I not only underestimated how long things would take but also how much free time I would have. I also spent more time than probably needed tweaking the look of it. Not only is there a huge amount I want to do, I also have an idea for a game that I wanted to put onto this but I was nowhere near that being a possibility. Hopefully I will continue with this at some point

Features i'm now working on:

  • Place names and other text
  • More interesting map features
  • Improved objects placement
  • Recursive generation of zoomed in elements

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AuthorMatthew Smith
Tagsmap, Procedural Generation, PROCJAM


piratemap.zip 4 MB


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Any update coming? :)